What Kind of I.T. Job Can You Get With a Degree? Information Technology Jobs with Degrees I.T. Career Questions

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What Kind of I.T. Job Can You Get With a Degree? Information Technology Jobs with Degrees video

What type of job can you obtain with a degree? If you have an Associates or bachelors degree and you are looking for a job in Description technology this video might give you some insight on what kind of job you can obtain in the find for getting into i.t.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, leave a comment below.

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Andrew James

I'm currently in my last year of my bachelors in Description Technology; I have multiple specializations in cybersecurity and full stack web development so I cute much can do almost anything at this target. I spend each hour of my days even after school work learning as much as I can from developing IOS, Artificial Intelligence, and malware development; my worries are that it's going to be very hard to search a job with no experience. However, I do work at the college with my professors as a student administrative assistant.

cleveland mack

Listening to the video and thought “I need this guy” and slammed the subscribe button

Ildi Bulluti

can you be a web designer with stats technology degree

Jamal Peoples

This is real to some lvl, but what happens when you obtain in and are stuck. I am going back to school actually for that reason. Few hiring managers have ask me to look at it this idea. You interviewed the same, your resume is the same, and experience is the same. You both seem to be a nice fit for the company. There is one exception, the another person has a degree and you don't. That person wins 90 percent of the time. Some companies wont even look at you outside of a lower midlevel position without a degree. Others you won't even obtain past HR.

Derich Simpson

Seems like he did not like college. It does matter what your degree is. Thats why you don't apply to be a doctor with a IT degree.

Dylan Cole

I am currently working on a 2 year degree in pc stats technology. I have worked full time in a manufacturing facility for a tiny over 5 years and I’m thinking of switching to part time what would be a nice job to obtain some experience while going to school?

braulio valerio

What experience is needed for support desk?

braulio valerio

Hello, I am currently 25 and I decided to receive an Associates in Description Systems at a community college in southern California , is IS the same as IT? and also do you think that 25 is too old to run a career in technology?

Midwest Tech

This is cute unrelated, but I️ have depression, ocd, and mild Adult Add. I️ know that you claimed that you have bipolar disorder, and I️ was just curious how you manage nice and terrible days. As someone who has depression, I️ beat myself up quite a lot for minor, stupid mistakes while working. It’s not nice to victimize yourself, but I’ve worked in male-dominated fields in the blue-collar sector where there was a weird culture. It’s usually a pissing contest, and I️ don’t wish to obtain back into that environment. I’m in the medical field and enjoy the culture, but I️ wish to transport into IT. How is the IT culture as a entire? How do you manage depression?

Md Miah

how can I obtain into IT without any certificate or experience?


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