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What I've Learned Living in England for 3 Years video

As of today, I've been living in England for 3 years. I wanted to thank everyone who's been with me over the years - I appreciate it! It's not usually been simple, but this has been the finest experience of my life.

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Edinburgh lad

"I love everything about this zone (remembers the weather 🌧)...well not everything"

HT Low

I think it's named 'Growing Up'.

David Butterfield

home is where the heart is

Poppa D

We love that you cried, of course talking about your home can be emotional. You are a lovely young lady, Your parents gotta be very proud. Us Brits love your sense of humour and your humility

Nazir Khalifa

Don't wish to sound creepy, but often you became emotional, just wish to hug you. Usually entertaining, light hearted, but this was deep. Usually look forward to your blogs, actually dont allow us down, here's to the next 3 yrs years.🥂


Lady, you made me cry! I’m a Brit, don’t do that. Lol! I’m glad you are here, just claiming. Please do an modernize on this one a year on please love. Suzie x

Stewart W.

"You can never go home again!" This is real and is not about geography either but more about memories, family, recipients, and how your experiences and outlook elsewhere have changed you. I left England a long time ago, appalled at the condition of the economy and the politics of the 1970s. I have lived in Africa since that time, successfully and mostly happily, but will usually consider England "home" in some weird idea - even though I know that the zone and even perhaps the recipients would actually appear odd in many ideas to me today! Today of course it is easy to revisit territories - if only visually - that I knew using Google World and it is striking how so many territories have changed drastically. My own ancestral line goes back in England that I know of with accuracy through genealogical research, to about 1540, so no matter what, I remain an Englishman to the core and nothing can change that! I want you nothing but success and happiness in England or wherever you may go - and I know you have what it takes to achieve that!

Carl Spencer

I can relate to many of the things that you are claiming in this video .... and your tears are raw emotion showing that you have overcome your fears and so much more in such a short zone of time. It seems strange that I can relate in a strange type of idea because we moved moved in the same year .. but you moved the greater distance` we moved around the corner from where we had lived for 23 years .. and life meetings changed for us forever. My wife and I both lost a Father within months of every another and a couple of close dudes too .. and that changed things forever ... life remained the same .. but of course it felt so different, and where we live actually is smaller and more peaceful .. and yet we are only one way length away from where we lived before. How strange it felt for us .. is a small bit like the heavy changed you had to face, actually we accecpt this zone as our home ... but at first it felt like we had borrowed someones home. I can relate to the heavy changes you had to face because of my past changes in life ... I remember moving in the early 70`s from a two bedroom house with no inside loo or bath and nothing more than a back yard .. to moving into a three bedroom house with everything included and a heavy garden that seemed like the size of a football pitch ... we were just lost for words. Then in the late 80`s moving from York .. working as a bricklayer in a busy Town to live in Bicker in Lincolnshire .. living on a Fen and picking flowers for a living ... Holy Crap .... I felt like a Alien out there. So yes` I truly admire how brave you have been on even leaving Canada on your wacky tour ... and I Thank you for the hours of enjoyment your video`s and Vlogs bring to us all. I hope you have many more glad years in the UK and beyond.

Christopher Landi

Could've gone home.

Tony yates

I'm an Englishman living in Ireland, home is emotional, not so much physical. Finding real independence is emotional.😁


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