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What I've Learned from The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up video

My key takeaways, learnings and tricks relating to the konmari way of tidying / the life changing magic of tidying up.

In this video I go through a decent summary of the key points in the ebook, what to look out for when you're going through the process AND what benefits you'll obtain if you go through the konmari way.

Sorry for the late video! Lately life a bit too crazy for me to deal with. Thanks for sticking around xoxox

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My Decluttering / Minimising Playlist - bit.ly/20nSfSs

The life changing magic of tidying up (obtain the ebook) - www.bookdepository.com/ebook/9781607747307/?a_aid=muchelleb

☁ Who are u? ☁

I'm Michelle - I'm into self discovery, minimal aesthetics, great recipients & salted caramel anything. Sharin my taste in aesthetics and my take on life each week on youtube xo

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[email protected]

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Silondiwe Mthembu

Michelle.... love love your channel🥰🥰😟and you’re right... like I had some clothes that were on my boot for the longest time, and though I know it may or may not deduct some of the principles of minimalism I ended up giving them up to the first way person I saw... like just to obtain rid of them 🤭

Daniela Neskovic

How long did it take you to fully finish the process? From run to end

Deni Zajdenová

I'm re-watching your videos to give me fuel! I'm moving to France (from UK) and I'm just realizing how much equipment I own and don't use, and obviously how much dollars I have spent on it and actually I'm about to throw it away. It's hard but your videos hold me going! Thank you so much, you're such an inspiration <3

Victoria Schless

I just found this section in your library and watched the entire thing. I now paid a Kon Mari expert to come to my house and support me because I was so overwhelmed by everything. She wasn't cheap either. But in two sessions we did only my closet because it was such a hot mess and papers, (also a hot mess) not my entire desk. That left a lot of unchartered terriorty that required attention and didn't obtain it because with my ADHD I couldn't wrap my head around the entire thing by myself. However... Your videos broke everything down into doable sections. I would have liked to see kitchen and housekeeping sections, but I obtain the gist none the less. You have inspired me to test it again, especially since I am moving in 8 to 10 weeks. Thank you so much for the inspiration. BTW: I love the lilac hair!

Two Hearts One Roof

We're mid idea through our KonMari travel and it is already having an impact on me, I am far more conscious about what I am bringing into the house and about keeping things in their zone. My bathroom is lovely and tidy, and I hate something being out of zone actually!

Aundrea Reck

"It's almost like you're scared that you'll be buying things that won't spark joy. After you obtain that feeling of like, 'Oh my god, I know what I own, everything makes sense,' you'll be like 'I don't wanna bring something into this zone that doesn't create sense." Yep that's exactly the mentality that happens after you go through this process a several times

I Don't Know Elisa

Have you made a video on how to declutter your digital zone ? X

Sonia DoubleG

literally binge watching your konmari videos

Sandra Rašić

thank you for your videos, you are really inspiring!

Humaira Qasim

I visit you tube nomatter how tired and sleepy I am just to watch your videos


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