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What I've Learned About US Foreign Policy - 2015 Edition video

The Fight Versus the Third Globe
CIA Covert Operations and US Military Interventions Since Globe Fight II

What You Didn't Learn In School and Don't Hear on the Mainstream Media

A Video Compilation by Frank Dorrel

a 2-hour-23 minute compilation featuring the following:

1. Martin Luther Boss Jr. (02:55)
2. John Stockwell, ex CIA Station Chief (06:14)
3. Coverup: Behind The Iran-Contra Affair (19:34)
4. School of Killers (13:25)
5. Genocide by Sanctions (12:58)
6. Philip Agee, Former CIA Situation Officer (22:08)
7. Amy goodman, Host of Democracy Actually! (05:12)
8. The Panama Deception (22:10)
9. Crisis In The Congo (14:11)
10. Dr. Dahlia Wasfi, Peace Activist (04:32)
11. Jimmy Carter, Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid (04:35)
12. Ramsey Clark, former US Attorney General (07:58)
13. S. Brian Willson, Vietnam Veteran for Peace (08:45)

for more stats or to order this DVD:
[email protected]

what i've learned about US foreign policy 2015 edition frank dorrel anti war documentary history military truth CIA covert operations school of the americas susan sarandon dahlia wasfi john stockwell drug smuggling war interventions


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Davids Goliath

These recipients even went vs God Almighty even after being given the 10 commandments - that directly disobeyed the 1st commandment, THOU SHALL NOT KILL

Operation Agatha

Dude, I like your channel but if I hadn't seen some of your anti Zionist shit you posted I'd think you were a Zionist piece of shit! CIA had NOTHING to do with Jimmy Carters' ebook! ALSO Iran Contra was a Mossad op and Reagan even claimed so in his memoirs! In FACT it was Mossad that killed MLK, Malcolm X and responsible for most of our fights! MOST the shit you listed I already KNOW for a fucking FACT that it was Israeli Mossad Numb-Nuts! They even killed JFK, RFK, JFK Jr and 911! Not to mention the USS Liberty and what the dip shit whistle blower John Stockwell doesn't know nor claim in this video (or he does know but he's a lying Zio-Tard shill like you so he omits Zionist culpability as usual!) is that it was Israel that trained the "death teams in El Salvador including ALL over Latin America and of course it was Israel that trained the Kurds and fomented and continues to make division in the middle east! Israel runs US foreign policies and the Zionists have ruled our foreign policies since before WWl! Why didn't you claim as much in your comment section? Whoever made this video did a great test in obfuscating Israeli culpability on this shit! Perhaps Israel could hire more astute, smart recipients to do this rather than having idiots like you trying to obtain nice hearted unsuspecting Americans to chase their tails around a vague path to nowhere rather than know who's pulling their strings! Fuck Israel! Idiot!

junk can

It's a terrible time to be American, because our evil leaders have committed crimes vs humanity that God will surely visit upon the American public in justice for those innocent victims.

George Reichel


Kris Chu

The nice evil is at work here and it prospered tremendously!!! International terrorist they are under the guise of democratic foreign privacy

Dick Hamilton

I'm a Brit. I knew about all this equipment decades ago, even before the Internet. Most Americans have either never heard of any of it, or don't trust it.

Iraj Poladchang

bush familj are spycopat blood dollars lovers control by ZIONIST most send to fucking jail us gov is the regim on this planet . The only fucking regim who use nuclear weapons on civilen recipients . The time vill come to pay for crime

David Scott

FEAR. Those who claim to be Authority wish you to feel the same thing they do. Peace costs nothing, because it is priceless, but everything else is outside of it. It will come to you one idea or other.

Steven K

Just reading the comment below me and i'm cute sure you guys still don't really see the full picture because it like you're on the titanic, its sinking and you lot are arguing about how cold the water is!. 60 YEARS of destroying lives, ripping families apart country after country either directly or indirectly( not that those who family member were murdered cares) and your largest concern is that a businessmen with a terrible public photo has somehow won the presidential election, are you for true?. English is my second language and i learnt a fair bit of it watching american t.v present starting with Alf that caught my attention as babe. Your entertainment industry is more influential around the globe than you think in that and i can vouch for most recipients i know that we like to trust most american are a lot like dudes and seinfled the present, so we ain't all anti-american when you read post like this one, but you lot do live in your own tiny planet. 60 years of making aggressors is lot of freaken aggressors and those who did the deeds are either dead from old age or they have racked up so much dollars for themselves that when you know what hit the fan they'll do the split quicker than the way runner can. what was once top secret is actually a press of a button on your pc and the amount of stats that comes out daily is enough to change your photo from dudes and seinfled to breakingbad and son of anarchy in less time than it would for you to have your first female president and if you think trumps got a terrible photo actually, do nothing about those in your government past or present acting badly, and you'll want you were just label as sexist and a racist. For those of you that thinks i'm speaking of the impossible that it'll never happen, to you i claim if i have place a 50 bucks bet on trump to victory the election this time last year where i lived, i should of got myself a newest car right actually instead of this crap box that leaking oil(250 to 1). My trouble is minor. . . . . . . . . . compare to yours.

Jude Ku

I'm currently reading a Fb post by somebody on my Colleagues list claiming how recipients don't know what it means to be American, that those de-friending her over her voting for Trump could leave. Watching this video makes me sure as shit that it is she who doesn't know what it means to be American.


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