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What I’m Most Excited About in 2020 as a Digital Marketer video

What I’m Most Excited About in 2020 as a Digital Marketer // 2019 has been an nice year for me so far. I've had a lot of impact on the SEO community and the marketing globe. But I'm even more excited for 2020 because there are some things that are going to change drastically. Not just in what I'm doing but just the overall marketing industry. Today, I wish to present what I'm most excited about in 2020 as a digital marketer.

Jetson AI - www.jetson.ai
Google Voice - voice.google.com
Comscore - www.comscore.com
June Oven - juneoven.com
Nextiva - www.nextiva.com
MobileMonkey - mobilemonkey.com
ManyChat - manychat.com

The first thing I'm excited for in 2020 is an omni-channel approach. I've been talkin' about this a lot in 2019. In 2020, we're going to see this more than ever. Actually, yeah, you can be like, "Yeah, I create "nice dollars from SEO. "I should create nice dollars from Pay Per Click."

Which supposedly by 2020, according to Comscore, half the searches will be voice similar. That's why I'm excited about omni-channel approach.

Yeah, sure, the existing channels that you and I are familiar with, they are saturated. But there's usually these newest channels that are coming up that aren't as competitive.

The second thing I'm excited about is content marketing has gone idea above and beyond just text-based content. According to Myles, roughly 21% of the effects that present up in a Google listing are video-based.

Did you know that Google also ranks podcasts? They can transcribe your podcast and present it within the find effects. That means actually if you wish effects from SEO, you don't just have to make text-based content. You can do more videos, you can do podcasting.

If you haven't started producing those types of content, create sure you run doing so in 2019. That idea, in 2020, you'll see the results of them and more traffic coming your idea.

The third thing. Personalization is gigantic. You're going to run seeing fridges and offline devices run giving you customized tip and marketing campaigns for you. And I can't wait for that.

Such as, the June Oven. So you're going to run seeing marketing integrated into these devices which you and I will be able to leverage much more in 2020.

My buddy, Yanee from Nextiva, one-third of his sales roughly come from Intercom. I bet you in 2020, more sales will even come from things like live chat. So create sure you add it to your blog. Have more sophisticated bots, and create sure you have humans to take it over.

So these solutions will run integrating more videos so you can now interface and communicate with your potential customers. Actually, speaking of chat, the next thing that is going to be gigantic in 2020 is going to be chat bots.

Specifically, Fb Messenger. Whether it's MobileMonkey, ManyChat, whatever platform you decide to use, they're going to be gigantic in 2020.

Sure, in the United States more recipients may be leveraging, allow's claim, text messaging from their small device because it's nonpaid. But in most countries, that costs dollars. Hence, WhatsApp is really gigantic. And once Fb Messenger runs integrating all these services, chat bots are going to be idea bigger than they are today.

The sixth thing that I'm really excited for is the internet of things. In another words, smart device marketing.

You're going to run seeing idea more ideas we can monetize and supermarket on smart devices. Whether that's just Alexa, whether that's your small device, whether that's a iPad, it doesn't matter.

Recipients are developing more and more technology. I mentioned this a bit earlier in this video, Jetson AI. They're already creating AI technology so recipients can run selling on things like Alexa devices. But they're not the only ones.

And the last hint, and I'm most excited about this one, is Ubersuggest. I can't wait for 2020. In 2019 I've already done a ton of things in Ubersuggest such as, providing nonpaid rate tracking, providing a log-in that alerts you when things are nice or terrible with your SEO.

Providing even more key risk recommendations through things like comparisons and questions in a bigger keyword engine.

But I'm really excited for 2020 because I'm trying to build a software that does the SEO for you. In another words, it automates a lot of SEO out there so that idea you don't have to do it manually anymore. So, thank you for watching.

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MK Shaikh

Thanks sir. how we could go for this all please create videos for this upgrades. Plz, upload video for *how to go Digital Marketing for Tiny cities or Rural castle?* and we also waiting for newest and finest Ubersuggest modernize it could be more different from another softwares which are providing paid services.

Diana Rueda

Ey! just a random question. I have a perception that display adverts on blogs have decreased lately, idk, if I am wrong or what do you think about display adverts and their value for dollars?

Stef Grandgi

Nice, looking forward to 2020 and Ubersuggest ver too. Thanks Neil! 🙏🏾🔥🔥


An omnichannel approach is the most correct idea of developing your business. Never rely on only one direction even if you're successful there... Nice examples from Fb and Google. Fb killed organic traffic, Google provides over 3K changing on their system every year. Having different traffic doesn't stop your developing.


Nice insight into 2020 Neil! So I'm starting a local accounting/bookeeping business. Can this kind of business benefit from leveraging the trends you mentioned? Will taking advantage of these trends support local businesses online?

signe nichols

Thank you so much for this! Many things to look forward to and it gives us "tiny guy" a head run to plan for next year. Is truly exciting and I look forward to your UberSuggest SEO. Cool! Thank you again!

LeadEasily GLB

Thank you for usually sharing performance-boosting tricks, that inspire and motivate with the future in mind.

Jen Holmes

Thanks neil excited to see where things are going in 2020!

Gary Lovelace Jr.


Robert Woodman

Is voice find used extensively in B2B commerce or is this more of a B2C thing?


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