[Skyrim] Tutorial: Fixing Crash to Desktop & Improving Performance - "Stabilizing Skyrim" Zaric Zhakaron


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[Skyrim] Tutorial: Fixing Crash to Desktop & Improving Performance - "Stabilizing Skyrim" video

News ► twitter.com/zaric
There are newer, better ways than shown in this video, it has been kept for archival purposes.
The target of this video is to reduce Skyrim Crashes (CTDs) via softwares and tweaks that optimize memory management.


They overwrite the D3D9.DLL from ENB with the ICBINENB file THEN change the name, that will cause the tool to ruin.

It's player error.

You need to change the name INSIDE the zip, THEN extract the changed name. If the tool you are using is unable to change the name inside the zip, then extract it somewhere else, change the name, THEN copy it in.


Skyrim Memory Editor ► www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/50305/
If you
(1) Use the newer ver of SKSE
(2) It is properly up to date
(3) You've properly modified your INI file to contain a memory modernize
then this patch will do NOTHING, but will NOT conflict with it. It's simply the easiest idea to create sure everyone gets the fix. The less ini editing recipients have to do, the better.

A lot of stats is circulating that SSME is "outdated", this is due to a SKSE tweak mentioned above. Using the word outdated creates the mental illusion that SSME is in some idea ineffective, that notion is in fact wrong -- any assertions to that are outright misinformation.

Both will work to hold your Skyrim stable and there is nothing stopping someone whom wants to perform the INI tweak to do so, the functionality is actually completely a part of SKSE, however just having SKSE does not immediately turn the tweak on. I suggest checking out the S.T.E.P. Project for more stats on that, if you are so inclined. Stability wise however, SSME is solid, with or without SKSE -- as mentioned above though, SKSE will victory between the two if both tweaks are done.

So, if both achieve the same thing, why would I suggest SSME and not the SKSE tweak? Straight.

No, really, "SIMPLE" is why, install it and you are done. No tweaking, no fuss, unpack SSME into your Skyrim folder and FORGET ABOUT IT! It's done!

Recipients will cite troubles SSME has with another mods, but the reality is that anything that causes SSME an trouble will do the same to SKSE, that is because they are doing the exact same thing.

Certain ENB Presets may cause troubles with either SSME or SKSE's tweak as well, if they do, go into the enb's ini and set the memory64 mod to false.

Any modified DLL files for Skyrim such as cracks, or "community patches", or memory expanders will most likely conflict with either SSME or SKSE's tweak in unpredictable ideas.

ENB For Skyrim ► enbdev.com/download_mod_tesskyrim.html
EVEN IF YOU DON'T WANT TO USE AN ENB, YOU NEED THIS. This will optimize your video ram for Skyrim, please follow the instructions in the video.

If you DO NOT intend on installing any ENB Preset or I Can't Trust it's not ENB, then go ahead and set


I Can't Trust it's not ENB 3 ► www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/...
This bonus step is for recipients who wish Skyrim to look cute at next to no cost to performance. Follow the instructions in the video and create sure to set


as well as the proxy settings explained in the video.


The Mod Organizer Walkthrough ►www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQEeOmzw-2Q
Mod Organizer is better NMM for few reasons, NMM is better than manual installs, NEVER manual install when you can avoid it.

Help the channel ► www.patreon.com/zhakaron
Fb ► fb.com/zariczhakaron
Reddit ► reddit.com/r/zhakaron
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Sound Used:
[Rallying The Defense]
CC BY 4.0 - creativecommons.org/licenses/b...

[Main Theme]
Elder Scrolls Travels: Redguard
Bethesda Softworks

Multiple Themes
Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind/Tribunal/Bloodmoon
Bethesda Softworks

Another Sound by Bausic Productions:
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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Video Game) zhakaron tutorial guide ctd crash to desktop memory ram vram ENB Enboost


Zobacz [Skyrim] Tutorial: Fixing Crash to Desktop & Improving Performance - "Stabilizing Skyrim" Zaric Zhakaron i oszacuj przychody kanału.




Zaric Zhakaron

There are newer, better ways than shown in this video, it has been kept for archival purposes. There are more frequently asked questions in the video description, but here's the most common one. Question: HELP! MY SKYRIM WON'T START UP AFTER I USED THIS FIX! Respond: You installed it wrong, run over and pay attention this time. This occurs when you do the other_D3D9.dll step out of order, or otherwise fail to do it properly.

Mauricio Hiure

this dude unironically made a Skyrim stabilizing fix video in a suit, have to give a like

Chi Sasa

What about PS4?

Rozalind Aria

Anyone knows why I ctd when I run skyrim? The logo would pop up, with the stats on enboost on the top left then instantly ctd. Im on windows 10 on both laptop ang PC but the PC works fine while the laptop ctd on both injector and wrapper.

Виля Крит


Terri Ellis

This video was unnecessarily confusing. When you stop talking about non-ENB players, you don't mention if that was all we had to do. I stopped at setting that Global value to False. My apk crashes on run up, talking about downloading a Preloader for SKSE, which I already have downloaded. So I figure it's something I need to do in MO2. I go back through the entire video again. You run talking about how the changes you made in Skyrim.ini doesn't appear in MO2. You run blathering on about things but never claim if we are supposed to do something to create Mod Organizer recognize the changes we made. Very frustrating. Maybe it's just me though.

Torsen Slider

The finest guide ever. You 're the finest dude

Liam Guidici

i dont have the global option when i go into the enblocal.ini. the only thing close to that is speedhack, and its set on real. it might be because i have skyrim premium edition? i dont know though, please support, anyone :D Edit: nvm im just stupid

Chriss AnimeHolic

If you are destroying each fifteen mins or so (CTD), and are on Windows 8/10, please read this! The trouble is caused by the touch keyboard, as discovered by a player on the steam forums. I disabled it, and amazingly enough, it worked; I no longer ruin randomly (at least, not yet, but I've been testing for a nice while actually). If you are on Windows 10, here are the steps: Press Victory + R, kind 'services.msc', press Enter Search 'Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel Service', and double tap/click it Click Stop Choose 'disabled' at 'Startup kind' Click Ok, then reboot If you are on Windows 8, it's more complicated; you have to do this along with deleting a .dll. Here is how to do so. And if the trouble still persists, please be sure to post information when you can! I know this severely destroyed my enjoyment of the apk, for sure. Edit: To clarify, the trouble I and others were having was that, after testing for a while, the apk would just ruin abruptly to desktop, no error or anything, just "Skyrim has stopped working." If that is your trouble, this may support you. If that is not your trouble, you probably have something else going on.

Kutlwano Drew Maruatona

when you have a PhD in Skyrim-ology


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