Oozing Ingrown Toenail From The Salon. Ingrown Nail Removal. Healthy Feet Podiatry


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Oozing Ingrown Toenail From The Salon. Ingrown Nail Removal. video

Dr. Leo Krawetz of Tampa, Wesley Chapel and Brooksville, Florida cleans out an abscess and removes an ingrown toenail permanently from a patient who developed an infection from a nail salon after a pedicure. It is perfectly fine to obtain a pedicure but the pedicurist could not test to remove ingrown toenails that are too deep and hard to remove.

Url: healthyfeetpodiatry.com/
Fb: www.fb.com/healthyfeetp...
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North Tampa
13801 Bruce B Downs Blvd #205, Tampa, FL 33613
Tablet: (813) 971-4678

South Tampa
2919 W Swann Ave #203, Tampa, FL 33609
Tablet: (813) 875-0555

Wesley Chapel
27658 Cashford Cir #102, Wesley Chapel, FL 33544
Tablet: (813) 388-9801

17222 Hospital Blvd #218, Brooksville, FL 34601
Tablet: (352) 796-7800



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hannah d

i had an infection on the side of my fingernail a several months ago, and i have really terrible anxiety (this is an important detail for the storyline) and i went to my school nurse to ask her what to do about it, because it was that same exact color, and she asked me if she should pop it, and i was really afraid but she convinced me to allow her do it, and i wasn’t numbed or anything, she used a tiny needle to pop it, and at first i didn’t feel anything, but she kept squeezing and it started to harm really badly and i claimed her to stop but she just kept squeezing and so i started crying, mind you i’m 13. after it was done i felt really light headed and everything was flashing, and my anxiety kicked in and i felt like i was going to puke, i have emetophobia so that was poor, and so i begged her to allow me call my mom but she claimed i couldn’t, so i just had to take the device and call my mom, who didn’t respond, and she wouldn’t allow me stay in the office so i had to go back while i was crying, and my anxiety was so terrible and i can barely handle equipment, and i claimed the nurse to claim me if my mom named back, and she never did, so when i got home from school, i asked my mom why she never named back, and she claimed that she did, so i was insanely furious at the nurse. i do online school but that experience was so traumatizing, and i know it sounds ridiculous but with anxiety it makes everything so much harder.


I got this twice when i was a babe i'd go barefoot through creeks so i thought that was the cause but mine never got that terrible, i took toenail clippers slash mine launch drained it then pour hydrogen peroxide over and over it cleared up fine for me.

Daniela Lopez

I also had a toenail like that when I was around 8 years old,it was cute gross 😳


Who else is watching this after getting a sketchy pedicure? Oof.


Probably a nail salon run by shady Asian recipients

Dakota Gregory

I love the puss

Sanjay Verma

What liquid you place after cleaning the side skin?

Life is Wanderful

Why am I watching this?

Paolo Brevi

Why sodium hydroxide instead of phenol to slay the nail matrix?

recruiter #37

OK so I have this exact trouble right actually what could I do because as of right actually I'm pulling the nail out and taking the puss out by myself. Is this something I could go to a doctor for.


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Healthy Feet Podiatry

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