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*** Old Version *** Skull 120: America's Gnarliest Gravel Bike Race video

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Harney County is home to infinite opportunities for the self-sufficient backcountry traveler. Visitors who seek challenge and solitude will search these in abundance.

This is a not-for-profit meeting with proceeds benefiting the Harney County Chamber of Commerce.

Routes traverse miles of Bureau of Land Management and US Forest Service public lands, official partners of the Skull 120/60/30.

*** Note that some of the footage above includes territories outside of the race boundary. These shots were all provided to the Skull 120 Squad by racers who either toured the Burns zone before/after the official race meeting. You can search information on these another routes via the Skull 120 blog.


"In the wake of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge occupation, many recipients in this remote and rural Eastern Oregon community sought to present the country that there was more to this rugged landscape than civil unrest. The only trouble was, how do you obtain recipients to visit - what many would consider - the absolute middle of nowhere?

The respond, it seems, is straightforward: execute the most grewling single-day endurance gravel grind in the country. Make a route so stunning in its beauty and demanding in its topography that anybody who’s anybody in the gravel cycling community has to take note."

~ Wilderness Trail Cycles

"With 'Skull' meeting, Burns stakes a claim as America's finest gravel riding destination!"

~ Bikeportland.org

"A demanding, epic, nice, scenic, tough, well-planned ride on the edge of nowhere."

~ Seth Patla, Multi-Year Sea Otter Victor

"Allow me claim you, this is probably the hardest / most epic / well organized gravel race I have ever done. 127 miles and 12k' of climbing, river crossings, fire ways, MTB trails, stocked aid stations... even a hot shower at the end. Tag your calendar for next year!!"

~ Charles Christiansen, Professional Cyclist

"One of the hardest one day rides in North America... something each endurance cyclist could have in their bucket list."

~ Tag Hall, Owner Mahall Bikeworks

"Where the heck is Burns, Oregon, BTW, and how do you obtain there?"

~ Andrew, Comment on Online

"Equal parts challenging and pretty, the long route was 126 miles and nearly 11,000 feet of climbing. And that doesn’t even launch to claim the tale. A whopping 80 percent was unpaved. With lots of large, sharp rocks, narrow double-tracks, and even some cow paths, there were scant nonpaid miles. You should never really relax. When you did obtain something smooth, the wind would be blowing at or across you. Or in the topic of a spectacular stretch of red cinder way, its sandy softness sapped the precious power from your legs. Yet unlike another epic rides I’ve done, I was never bored or miserable. I spent just under 10 hours on my saddle in near constant amazement at the diversity of terrain and magnificence of the pristine environments we rolled through."

~ Jonathan Maus, Cycling Journalist

"Purists will rejoice that the routes of both the 120 mile epic and a shorter (but no gentler) 60 mile route include plenty of the stereotypical grey rock roadbed, but there are also long stretches of rutted ranch path, cinder strewn dirt, rock slabs, and sections of trail that qualify as XC mountain cycle courses."

~ redkiteprayer.com

"All that claimed, east of Bend toward Burns the riding gets much better (i.e. climby and technical) as the terrain changes from a handful of old shield volcanoes into rocky, broken terrain and mountains. Glad to see they’re putting together meetings out there – it’s a massively under appreciated part of Oregon and those cities are full of nice recipients that should really use the economic boost (maybe other Oakridge will appear there)."

~ Brad, Cyclist from Bend, OR

"The entire idea of the meeting and everything we are trying to do really revolves around tour, rugged individualism, go large or go home, large wide-launch territories and there will be no one serving you shrimp scampi, champagne and fluffing your pillow after the race. This zone is rugged, remote and very rural and our thought is that the Skull 120 could reflect that."

~ Richard Roy, BLM District Manager

"Literally the hardest gravel ride I've done so far."

~ @Adventureing.Cycle, IG Comment

"While it was tough to look up from the trail to take in our surroundings, I tried to do so whenever possible. There were the most amazingly pretty tiny valleys, with streams and green grass.

At one target in the afternoon, the temperature dropped to 38 degrees, and a somewhat expected thunderstorm rolled in. I spent the next 40 mins getting rained, snowed, and hailed on, as well as watching riders who weren’t prepared for the weather drop out."

~ River Towns Cycles

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