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Lecrae - Go Hard video

Song from the latest album of Lecrae's Rebel.


Go Difficult or Go Home(2xs)
Boss Use Me Up(2xs)

Verse 1:
Boss slay me If I don't preach the gospel
I'm still in my 20's- but I'll die if I got to
Already dead- so forget my flesh
I done been crossed over see the full court press
I'm a full court mess if the Boss don't use me/
Running from my trials thinkin everythangs groovy
If the Cross don't transport me then I don't wanna breath no mo/
If I aint seeing Christ potna I dont wanna see no mo
Rep each day withouth worrying about bruising
I been to china mayne I seen some true persecution
If U didn't know em would ya life look the same
Can they claim you value Jesus by the idea you rep his name?
lad what's the target of living if Im living for myself
Boss empty out my life before I place you on the shelf So for God I got Difficult I dont' wanna die tonight/ It's too many recipients living who aint heard about my Christ
Go Difficult or Go Home(2xs)
Boss Use Me Up(2xs)

Verse 2:
Went to Asia had to duck and hide-for Sharin my faith
They claim me water it downwhen I obtain back to states
[ Lecrae Lyrics are found on www.songlyrics.com ]
They claim tone the song down you might sell a lot a records
But it's recipients out here dying and none of em heard the message
Took my wifey on target trip - central america
Shared her testimony 40 recipients stood and stared at her
When she claimed Jesus shoulda seen it was insane cause 40 out of 40 never heard of Jesus name/ Aw mayne we aint focused on the fight we just kickin it/ worried bout our photo and our zone up on the internet// take me out the apk coach/ I don't wanna test no mo/ If cant give it all I got and leave it out there on the court/ Thank you for the Grace for the will and the desire/ got me living for your glory stead of living to retire/ But I pray I'll never tire of Going hard for Messiah/I don't need no motivation You the reason I'm inspired.

Verse 3:
Go Difficult/Go Home, Go Difficult/ Go Home/
That's what that is baby/that what that mean/that what that mean/
That what That is baby/That what that mean/that what that mean/
Wha-What that mean?/
That mean that we, could be out up in ok ways/
Not just in houses with our bible's summrizing what we read/
Lad this aint deep (lad this aint deep)/why we aint doing what we read/
Its like we sleep (its like we sleep)/
But sinners sleepwalk when they sleep/
So why can't we (so why can't we)/the redeemed of the LORD/
Act out, what He claimed/and create a stage for the LORD/
Action-slash, claim what, like we was the director/
But you better obtain a Grip like video sets, and obtain to stepping/(Martin)
I know you done it/da-done it, da-done-and heard it all
You was going hard for the Boss before you heard this song/
But don't test yourself to save ya self/and walk in fear/
Scripture's like a mirror/the truth is closer than it appears/

lecrae go hard rebel lchristian rap hip hop jesus jtruth316


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A Li

Blessings from Poland 🇵🇱 ❤️

Adam Pezley557 AUTOMOOSE

Go hard for Jesus or go to Hell

SwaggerTechie 👨🏾‍💻

I go hard for the Boss, which, who can be vs you? #Blessed #Sky's The Limit #Positive vibes all day #Don't trust me, just watch

Daniel Mendoza

Struggling is not going to be a day in my life with out a struggle I’m trying harder than I ever done in my life Jesus is the only idea no excuses Jesus is the only one that has been there for me struggling and all but I’m not giving up Jesus is my idea the only idea my salvation thank you Jesus ✝️


Holy Spirit convicting me in these matters because I was saved and my witness has fallen short. I claim others about what Jesus had done for me but have I really claimed His Storyline about his life to support others into his Kingdom.


02:24 Lecrae claimed by his wife's Testimony of what Jesus had done in her life Wow 40 out of 40 ain't heard of Jesus name

Nicholas Gerou

youtu.be/DIHJP7Q1k-0 - remix but finest ver ive heared b4 ive heard all this dollars rich braging versens but they all hallow u can hearit in there voices, as its written nice remix here jflo too but hes like baned actually or somthing



Eric Whalen

I am done with all the politics of church. I once wanted to be a preacher but I decided to become a potent leader. I will usually respect the right to have religious freedom but I felt like I was trapped in a box and I had to follow to many terms so instead I decided to follow company terms and the freedom it has given me has definitely been a gift that I am truly grateful for. I want the church nothing but the finest but I had to create another plans for the buisness so no religious confrontation would be allowed. I am actually at peace with this speech and I am closing the door to this chapter I want the church nothing but the finest and I hope there aren't any hard feelings.

Eric Whalen

Lecrae I gotta admit your lyrically underrated but your not representing the church in a positive idea. Speak no evil and there will be no evil. I will usually respect the church but I moved in other direction because you are spreading fear and God is love.


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