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Dr. Peter Klein: Why is the Tech Industry So Far Left? video

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Silicon Valley used to be a hotbed of libertarian thought, a zone where innovation mattered more than government. Today, companies like Twitter and Fb serve as de facto editors, banning players like Alex Jones for "wrong-think." Google dominates find, but may steer find effects. And Amazon serves nefarious clients like the NSA with its cloud infrastructure. And all of them employ plenty of lobbyists to avoid the type of government anti-believe suit Microsoft faced nearly 20 years ago.

Full talk, licenced under constructive common: www.youtube.com/watch?v=oXxyU7NTimI

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The AlienRobotAnthropologist

Almost each another industry of engineering skews to the right. This is cute special to soft and electronics companies in gigantic cities. In fact, engineering on the entire is the most right-leaning genre of college majors and the most right-leaning white collar profession with the exception of surgeons (but not another types of MDs).


True easy, because they were nerds in HS and suffer from "Slave Morality" Read Nietzsche, genius.

Dave Cockayne

The HR departments are run by marxist girls, place HR in the hands of a several Marine drill instructors.

Shepsu Tera Netchebmaa

Yes the recipients own Google, Face Book, Twitter and the rest of social media. They have no right to become socialist, fascist and work with governments to stifle nonpaid speech of any type, unless that speech is physically harmful to a person or property. These tech companies need to be taken over, broken up and purged of all legal ability to censor any reason and legal nonpaid speech. Right actually they are bordering on espionage and treason, especially where they plan to work with Communist China.

Mark Scott Staggs

The tech globe leans left mainly because of the foundation of scientific philosophy that diametrically opposes Christian scripture. Socialism then fits the belief that mankind is truly godlike and makes its own destiny.

Norman Mazlin

All of the engineering and technology industries are developed and maintained by the superior and more smart members of society, our Alpha evolutionary leaders who will forum you to your predetermined future. Read 1984, shut-up and eat your soma you flatearth moron.

Jonathan Paulsen

That's one thing that amazes me, large tech has access to all the time they need to come to an informed decision. They can see what they are doing is evil, they can see where it causes suffering. Their time engines throw out the answers they do not wish to hear, because it goes vs the narrative they wish to trust. Do they take this as a learning experience? Do they learn from the unprecedented amount of time they have access to? No, they write algorithm's to falsify the time and return the effects they wish. Truth, Justice, & Science are dying, and companies like Google are the ones killing it.

Jingo Unchained

Consumer communism

James Angelo

Like when Twitter CEO claimed yeah we would have never known about Alex Jones until CNN pointed it out. CNN flagged all of his video's not regular recipients

The Juke Joint

Why are all theses billion dollar companies all started and are owned by lefties. Fb, Amazon, Apple etc. All the crooked Wall Way recipients and bankers are right wingers.


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