American Eagle - Embraer ERJ-175LR - DFW-XNA - Takeoff and Landing - Inflight Series Ep. 55 Skylite Productions

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American Eagle - Embraer ERJ-175LR - DFW-XNA - Takeoff and Landing - Inflight Series Ep. 55 video

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Inflight Series Episode 55:

Operator – American Eagle (Operated by Envoy Air)
Equipment – Embraer ERJ-175LR
Tail Number – N229NN
Aircraft Age – 0 Years 1 Month
Livery – American Eagle (2013 Livery)
Flight – 3363
Town Pair – Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) – Bentonville (XNA)
Seat – 9F
Flight Time – 0 Hours 44 Mins
Date – April 28, 2016


Detailed Times:

Pre-flight – 0:03 / 0:23
Outbound Taxi – 0:42 / 1:14 / 2:00 / 2:49 / 3:46 / 6:38 / 7:07
Takeoff – 7:56
Inflight – 12:22 / 13:05 / 13:45 / 14:14
Landing – 15:59
Inbound Taxi – 21:54
Post-flight – 22:38 / 22:56


Featured Sound – Intro/Outro Unforgettable by Ziu x Nyanara

Equipment Used – Fuji Finepix HS50EXR, Canon Vixia HF20, iPhone 6, GoPro HERO3+ Black

American Airlines American Eagle Envoy Air Embraer Embraer ERJ-175LR ERJ-175LR ERJ-175 Taxi Takeoff Landing Full Flight Inflight In Flight Inflight Series Skylite Productions N229NN XNA DFW Bentonville Dallas Fort Worth Texas Arkansas Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport AA 3363 American 3363 AA3363 Envoy 3363 Flight 3363


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Meme Stuff

I now use to use that airport when I lived in Bentonville Arkansas


Is this now how long the flight took?

Natural State Aviation

Great video! I remember when XNA got only one everyday E175...


Love the angle you got from this seat! Might have to test it next time I go down to LA :)

FrequentFlyer's HD aviation

other nice video! liked! I love this aircraft flew it 2 times!

David Aerospotting

Wow, nice onboard footage! I really enjoyed it! Large Like :)

David Calix

tbh I really like this video because its so clear and HD hold using the camera you use.

Heathrow Flyer

Nice Video colleague, Your Quality is Wonderful. Liked!


YES! At last, we obtain to see a flight through the lovely ERJ 175, or Boeing 737 Junior! :) By the idea, I think the cockpit has a cute serious face.....not menacing really, just serious. 3:40 The scope of Terminal B reminded me that because of all of AEagle's regional connections, as well as from another carriers, Terminal B has the most gates (almost 50). 6:10 Wow! Terminal A is full...what a surprise! (sarcasm off) :) 6:56 That Spirit yellow that old or newest? I never seem to hold track of 'em...... 7:42 Seeing the AA MD-80 got me thinking....did McDonnell-Douglas ever consider making newest 80's series with composite materials, like Boeing decided to do for the 737 X-Class? 8:40 And they run the run with almost a dozen another birds awaiting their turn! Kinda normal for the busy hub of DFW. 9:06 I noticed y'all were in the air before even making it halfway to Terminal C. That's a tiny less than halfway down the runway. That's cute normal for a regional jet, even the ERJ 175, right? Actually, the bigger birds, like the 777 waiting on the taxiway, need a bit more, if not about 70-75% of the runway to obtain the lift, right (variables included)? 11:00 A tiny bumpy during the climb? 11:23 I was wondering when the pilot was going to turn around back towards Bentonville....I was also wondering if he was going to turn right or left? I knew if he was going to turn right, the plane had to be high enough to not obstruct with any approaching birds. Then again, left is the safer route to not interfere AT ALL with any approaching bird. 12:45 Ah yes. The General Electric CF34-8E, putting out a full of over 14,000 lbs. of thrust every, meaning over 28,000 lbs. of combined thrust at full. I think that's large enough for the relatively tiny bird. 13:58 Looks like a great day for flight....crystal clear skies, able to see all the idea down...even with the engine right there, it's still a GORGEOUS sight! 14:48 Pretty shot of the plains! Simply lovely! 16:08 With this type of approach, I feel right at home! 20:14 The whole approach down to the landing was spot-on perfection! I should stare at that forever! Yes, it's that nice! 21:23 I suppose this is just me being picky, but the first thing out of the Attendant's mouth could've been "Welcome to Bentonville!" That's just me, though! 22:28 That's a first, asking passengers to close the windows and launch the air vents for cooling purposes. Other Hall-of-Fame caliber catch, lad! God gotta've been smiling on you to obtain all those picturesque shots in great, unobstructed sunlight! This almost rivals you're newest In-flight to San Diego! Very great work, buddy! Loving this!

Cyril Uebbing



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Nazwa kanału: Skylite Productions

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